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We take pride to say that it needs more than just a Box to deliver good quality CrossFit! Therefor we have built a secure team of professionals who have got the skills to help you set up the right strategy and provide guidance to reach your goals.

Some of you will have goals on gaining muscle, some of you on losing weight or wanting to have better technical skills, solve some mobility issues or just become fit.

Rest a sure that our Team is there to help and provide you the assistance needed. Whether you are looking for Nutrition support, Athlete programming or Advanced Personal Training – team CrossFit Scheveningen will be right there next to you to serve and monitor.


Your goal is our mission!


Next to Instagram, active athletes know that our in-crowd Facebook page “Beyond the bar” is a fun platform to be connected with, staying up to date with everyday CrossFit knowledge. All activities strategically support our goal becoming the best!


We are setting our self a higher standard quality CrossFit at this new prime location including a new extended WOD + Open GYM Schedule and services like Individual Athlete Nutrition Coaching, Athlete programming and CrossFit Personal Training.

With a full calendar of events and free to attend workshops on many interesting food, dietary and skill based themes, we are bound to keep you busy and motivated to the bone;)!


Come and join our valued community,



Opening times:




07:00–13:00, 16:00–21:00




07:00–13:00, 16:00–21:00










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Crossfit Scheveningen

Crossfit Scheveningen

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2583 DM Den Haag

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